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We all love a fancy cocktail from time to time but you know what I love about cocktails the most is the smell. Pina Colada from pineapple to coconut and Mojito full of aromas of mint and lemon. Now you can enjoy the smells of these and many other cocktails within the comfort of your home without intaking alcohol thanks to Anni Edwards scented candles which come in a cocktail shaker, so once your candle has burnt you can always clean out the shaker and make your favourite cocktail.

Courtesy of Anni Edwards she gifted me one of her sweet smelling cocktail candles to burn and enjoy at home.

Anni Edwards

Anni Edwards loves candles and loves cocktails and wanted to bring the fragrances to our homes without the need to drink.

Located in the Surrey Hills Anni Edwards brings to the world her hand-poured luxury Mixologist Cocktail Candles which she makes in small batches, ensuring each one meets high standards.

Presently there are six different candles inspired on classic cocktails we all know and love. Each candle is made from 100% natural wax, premium fragrance oil and a cotton wick (that is free of lead, tin and zinc) for a clean, even burn and scent throw. All of which are served up in a reusable stainless steel cocktail shaker.

All the cocktail inspired candles are to evoke our memories as all her candles bring to each of us their own personalities!

All of the candles smell good enough to drink!

Pina Colada time

I love the smell of cocktails but the cocktail which always makes me want to just constantly sniff is a Pina Colada as it is packed with smells of pineapples and coconuts.

With us not being able to go to a bar easily to enjoy a professionally mixed Pina Colada or going on holiday to tropical lands Anni Edwards Pina Colada candle brought me smells to my home and made me relive past holiday memories. The smell is not too strong so not overpowering. However the beauty about this candle is that with it being made out of a cotton wick it burns cleanly plus the shaker can be re-used after.


The burning smell of the candle made me think of past holiday moments and even made me go and get dressed up in my one of my favourite summer dresses by Hobbs whilst I also sipped on a premade Pina Colada which I purchased from Marks & Spencer’s. Summer in the air, summer in my mouth, summer in my head!

However if you want to bring more smells of Christmas to your home then the Mulled Wine is perfect to bring cinnamon, cloves and spice into your home.

Which takes your fancy and why?


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

I loved the candles how they come in a reusable cocktail shaker, very different. The beauty though about these candles is that all the candles are made from 100% natural wax, uses a premium fragrance oil and has a cotton wick making it a clean, even burn every time. The only thing I would note is though that the smell is not as intense as other candles I have had. So if you prefer a milder smell then Anni Edwards candles are the perfect option.

Anni Edwards candles are perfect to bring the smell of the Caribbean or smells of Christmas into your home with her great selection of classic cocktails which we enjoy whilst away or over this festive period.

Perfect as a gift for a friend who loves candles and loves a cocktail, bring the scent of their favourite classics into their home. Alternatively buy one for yourself and sit back, relax and think of past holidays whilst burning your favourite scented cocktail candle by Anni Edwards.

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Candles that smell good enough to drink! 100% natural plant wax scented candles each served up in a reusable stainless steel cocktail shaker, with a cotton wick.

Order from a range of six scented cocktail inspired candles
Espresso Martini
Pink Fizz
Gin & Tonic
Pina Colada
Mulled Wine
The Gift Of A Cocktail Candle Pack!

Thanks to Anni Edwards for the Pina Colada candle bringing a piece of summer into my living room. All views are my own honest opinion.

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