Phantom Peak brings the Wild West to London

Immersive experiences are back in London and Phantom Peak is one of the latest to open within Canada Water. Phantom Peak is a steampunk universe which feels very much like the Wild West to London with much to discover, with over 52 trails and 100 different adventures to take.

Within Phantom Peak what will you unravel on your adventures through town? Was the Blimp Crash really just an accident? What is hiding in the the mines? What is the founder of corporate JONACO really seeking? With so many unanswered questions the question is what will you discover?

I was invited along to the press night in which me and my friend got to explore, encounter different characters and took many adventures discovering many mysteries of the town.

Phantom Peak

Founder Nick Moran creator of two award winning games, The Game is Now and Time Run now brings to London Phantom Peak an open world experience.

Phantom Peak is a fully immersive open outdoors world adventure which expands over 30,000 sq. foot of land which can be found within Canada Water, London. Think Venice meets the Wild West!

The story behind Phantom Peak is that the mayor at the time, Dr. Joylon S. Furbish, disappeared in a freak blimp accident that destroyed half of the Old Town. But thanks to JONACO, Phantom Deeps rose from the ashes! The new, refurbished part of town became Phantom Peak, and the Blimp Crash became little more than a memory.

Photo credit Phantom Peak

In this steampunk mining town though there are mysteries galore to be discovered and solved. Was the Blimp crash really an accident or did JONACO Corporation have anything to do with it? Like who is really Jonas? What is hiding within the mines?

You’ll be able to go sightseeing, play carnival games, take a boat ride, watch one of the many 189 Videomatic videos and so much more. Alternatively sit back relax and have a drink plus a bite to eat.

“Today I’m genuinely thrilled to launch tickets for Phantom Peak, a brand new open world experience we’ve been developing for what feels like forever! This is a vast, theme-park style experience full of games, experiences, eateries, you name it. We have boats, canals, waterfalls.

The town will expand as the world and stories grow. We wanted to create something that takes the best of experiential entertainment and puts it all under one roof: a cohesive, fully-realised universe where you are play as you want to play and be who you want to be.”

Nick Moran

What ever you decide to do within the steampunk town of Phantom Peak there are many places to enjoy and 52 trails with over 100 adventures to solve.

Adventuring through Phantom Peak

Entering through the gates into the town of Phantom Peak I had so many questions from the start who is the founder of JONACO? Was the Blimp Crash really an accident? What will I discover in this town? Is everyone to be trusted? What delights can I eat?

Within Phantom Peak you can take a sightseeing adventure, play games, solve mysteries, interact with 25 live actors, shop, drink and dine.

With up to five hours within this immersive open world adventure there is something for everyone to enjoy. Question is where to start?

Upon entering I felt like I had stepped into a Wild West town but with a twist. We were greeted by a man with a hat in whom I think may of had one too many glasses of rum as he explained to us about his and the towns love of Platypus’s. He then encouraged us to take one of the many trails to help solve one of the many mysteries of within the town. So we were told to open up on our mobiles which enabled us to take on adventures all which are missions that all have a backstory. As I and my friend both love mysteries and sightseeing we decided to take on one of the trails straight away.

For any trail you will need a code. Codes start the missions and a number of codes can be found dotted around the place usually on posters. Just enter one of the codes on the website page and answer a few questions about your party, then your adventure, well mission will begin. There are over 100 adventures to be had which all relates to the code you use and how you answer the first initial questions will result in a different outcome each time.

Also the beauty is after each trail you are awarded a card and the name of the trail you took is saved on your phone. Just go to Menu and select ‘Load a trail’ and it will list all the ones you have done. So if you ever go back to Phantom Peak another night you can check to see if you have done that trail before. On the night we played three: The Blimp Adventure, The JONACO Union Spy and The Great Rank Glitch.

All the trails no matter which we ended up taking on were all equally as fun and interesting. The beauty about the trails is thought that it really does get you mingling and exploring the town in depth. To get any answers to most of the questions you are faced with you’ll need to speak to the characters within Phantom Peak, hunt the town for answers, solve puzzles or even watch a movie from a Videomatic.

The Videomatics have over 189 story clips to be watched each with questions, puzzles or movies relating to the trail you are trying to solve.

We learnt so many interesting things on all the trails. Such as that Blimp was not an accident after all. However if you want to know why then you will have to visit Phantom Peak yourself and discover why. Each of the trails took us around just under an hour each to complete.

Whilst wondering around on our trails we discovered there is also so much to be enjoyed from the cascading waterfall to a romantic boat ride into the depths of Phantom Peak as well as fun carnival games. There is also shops selling merchandise and even hats. I loved the hats so much I just had to purchase one, there was cowboy hats and even a leprechaun hat. I chose a cowboy hat with a pink band. There are also many eateries to discover (presently only serving up vegetarian & vegan food) plus bars where you can buy from beers to cocktails.

After doing several trails me and my friend we decided to take a boat ride where we journeyed through the mountain of Phantom Peak and discovered a little more about JONACO as we watched a story which was projected on screens along our journey.

We then went and played some carnival games, from throwing tomatoes into cut outs of the majors giant mouth, a button hitting memory game and so much more. With each game if you reach a certain target you can win a badge. Alas though my game skills were not up to scratch so I did not manage to win a badge.

Then we decided to grab a drink and bite to eat. There is many eateries from:

  • Munchies an authentic South American experience. Enjoy vegetarian hotdogs, tacos, burritos and nachos.
  • Pieminister for award winning pies. Enjoy a selection of vegetarian pies.
  • Hackney Gelato for a selection of gelato and sorbetto’s. Enjoy flavours such as Chocolate, Passionfruit, Raspberry and so much more.

Throughout Phantom Peak there are many places to sit from a pub within inside the old town, tables next to the canal and a picnic area. We decided to grab a table overlooking the canal and waterfall. I bought a mushroom a pie from award winning Pieminister and my friend a Taco. Even though I love pies from Pieminister unfortunately though when I cut into it, it was cold inside. So I went back and showed them and they then said that they are having a few technical issues with their oven. So I decided to then ditch the pie and have a cold ice cream instead from Hackney Gelato instead.

I enjoyed a scoop of their Passionfruit and Raspberry sorbet which was ever so good, so fruity.

After getting fuelled up me and my friend we then decided to take on another thrilling adventure before heading sadly back home.


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Phantom Peak is such a fun twisted Wild West steampunk universe full of unusual characters, robots and no shortage of mysteries. I loved how there was so many cute saloons, a picnic area, eateries, bars, shops, carnival games and even a boat ride to enjoy at Phantom Peak. Plus the many adventures that can be taken throughout. Undoubtedly this is one of the most fun immersive events I have ever attended.

I loved everything about Phantom Peak as everything was well laid out, with plenty of seating areas, great food options, shops, musicians, people to interact with and plenty of mysteries to be solved. For me and my friend it felt very much like an immersive open escape room but without the worry of the time.

The only negative thing I would say about Phantom Peak is that even though there was plenty of trails to do, people to interact with and musicians it lacked elements of surprise. It would be great if from time some action suddenly happened for no reason, like perhaps a mini fight between some of the characters. Plus in regards to the food even though there are many vegetarian and vegan options it would be nice to have some meat options to choose from.

However apart from those little niggles the layout, props, musicians, robots and characters within Phantom Peak make Phantom Peak a very thrilling 3,000 sq. foot fictional town to discover. I will certainly be returning to discover more about Phantom Peak and what mysteries it hides.

Phantom Peak is the perfect place to head for the night if your are seeking an alfreso area to enjoy a pint, grab a bite to eat, play games and looking for a mystery to unravel. As Phantom Peak has all this and more.

Which mysteries might you unravel?

Phantom Peak book now

Phantom Peak
Surrey Quays Road
SE16 7PJ 

Discover the mysteries of what lies within Phantom Peak.

Opening hours: Wed-Fri 5pm-10pm & Sat-Sun 11-4pm / 5-10pm 
Duration: 5 hours open world exploring
Age requirement: All ages, under 16’s must be accompanied by an adult.  
Price: Starting at £34.00

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Note: Phantom Peak is booking until 16 October.

Thanks to Phantom Peak marketing team for the invite. I loved my time at Phantom Peak. All views are my own honest opinion.

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