Komnata Quest

Love adventure?
Love fairytale?
Love performance?
Love Covent Garden?

Komnata Quest: The Heart of Covent Garden is a story about you and me. What lurks within Covent Garden and its surroundings?

What is the hearts of houses? Who lives behind the black window? How can we understand goblins?

What is the promenade performance? It’s an interactive performance. Everyone will be given headphones and our actors will bring their magic to the performance. You will meet peculiar people who will tell you exciting things about this city. You will help solve a mysterious crime and dance in the streets of Covent Garden.

Whole experience you are within a group of 1-15 people and lasts 90 minutes.

To find out more and make a booking click here.


Thanks to Komnata Quest who let me and some of the community of Love Pop Ups London come down to discover and play one of the most thrilling tours you can have in Covent Garden. Read our blogs/reviews from below:


  1. feedlivi says:

    The quest began at Charing Cross with headphones lit up with green lights and a tour guide. Once we were all good to go, we set out on the hunt to learn more about Covent Garden with a our leader guiding us though the back streets. Cue an immersive performance with jelly beans, magic boxes and dance.

    Overall, It’s certainly a fun way to learn more about Covent Garden. I personally would recommend the tour for families with young children, as I think the magical elements would really interest them.

  2. Jamie T says:

    This is my first Komnata experience. The Heart of Covent Garden started out in Charing Cross with us receiving headphones that lit up with green lights and a tour guide. It was an immersive experience with instructions and the story being delivered over audio as the guide acted out the parts and provided complementary visuals. There is a lot of exploring Covent Garden, fun, magic, laughter and dancing. You follow a story line where you have to discover who stole the heart of Covent Garden. Expect a lot of walking and a fun way to tour the area!

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