Being Sherlock – ‘The Games A Foot’ at Madam Tussards

20170103_173838I went along back in August 2016.

The Olivier nominated creators of Alice’s Adventures Underground, Les Enfants Terribles Theatre Company does THE GAMES A FOOT murder mystery style production at Madam Tussards for a limited time.

You can become a detective for the night to help solve the mystery of either who was the serial killer killing people In the heart (Case 1) or who mutilated a body (Case 2) all that are set back in the Victorian era of London.

So follow in the footsteps of the great detective Sherlock himself and make your own deductions by interacting / speaking to suspects (the actors/actresses), reading reports, and searching for hidden clues in this free roaming, multi-sensory world.

I done case 2 and i do highly recommend this event as it is fun, the scenes are spectacular that you walk through and slightly eerie and the actors / actresses are great.

However I do feel its a tad expensive for just an hour and I don’t think an hour is long enough to solve speak to the charcters and solve the mystery. But I do recommend in doing though but only if you can get it cheaper or an offer.

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