Drinking the in dark – Pitch Black

Upon entering Pitch Black I felt like I had been time-warped back to the 70’s era with the décor and furnishings in the large space which is quite surreal.  The owner Dom greeted us all with a glass of champagne to start the night off with the lights on so we can all mingle and get to know each other.

The Pitch Black room

We are then all then led into a different room. I wasn’t quite sure how I was going to feel in sitting in a dark room with strangers and tasting drinks without knowing what they are. There is numerous colourful sofas and stalls with tables in the room to choose from with tables with glow in the dark drink mats on them. The owner then explains wittily how the night will work and how we will have to guess each drink just by using our nose and taste buds. However before starting the evening with the various mysterious drinks that he will be bringing in he asks if anyone has any allergies which is good. He eventually then turns out the lights and seriously it is dark, pitch black in fact.  However the smoothing music that is played in the background is very relaxing and the slight glow from the mats keeps you from being uncomfortable or scared in being in the dark. The first drink he brings in on this glowing tray we all have to discuss and identify what might be in the drink with all of us reeling of different ingredient’s.  It’s quite surprising really listening to all the different ingredients that people might think is in a drink whilst not being able to see it and just relying on your smell and taste. Once we have finished the first cocktail we are then served another again we all start reeling of different ingredients in what we think are used to make the drink.  Next it was onto two different wines.  It was really easy to tell a red wine from a white just by smelling it but much trickier when it comes to saying what might be in the wine by taste.


This is a great concept and a very different way to enjoy cocktails and wine as it really does get your senses working as you are in complete darkness apart from the slight glow that is coming of the drinking mats it truly is pitch black.  Every week the drinks are changed so you can always go back every now and again to try to discover and guess what ingredients / drink you are drinking.

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Thank you to Pitch Black for letting me and a few others from Love Pop Ups London community come along over various nights to enjoy cocktails in the dark. This experience was complimentary but all views are my own honest opinion. 
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