Crackers glorious crackers – Jacobs Cracker Restaurant

Jacob’s opened a one-off cracker pop up for two days only (21 and 22 June) along with musician, foodie and cheesemaker Alex James. The first day was for press / bloggers with the second day for the public that have pre-booked via Eventbrite for free.

Inspiring creations were made with the base being a cracker. With a six course dinner tasting menu that spotlights Jacob’s cracker collection from ciabatta, crispbread and flatbread cracker choices topped along with a number of classic 70s / 80s British recipes with a twist. You would think that crackers are not filling enough to constitute an entire meal but believe me this six course meal certainly did feel me up.


I went along to the press / blogger night. Upon entering the Jacobs pop up restaurant I saw a number of boxes of different Jacob’s crackers. I never knew there were so many varieties. Also was presented and topped up throughout the night with drinks from prosecco to elderflower and tonic fizz. I also managed to speak to Alex James and get a photo with him which I am glad I did as he left half way through which was a disappointment.

alex and me

Before the six courses begun upon our table there was various crackers along with olive and anchovies tapas which were absolutely delicious and I don’t even like olives or anchovies.

Then followed by a speech by Alex James who told us a bit about Jacob’s crackers, the creations and his cheeses.

c starter

Now onto the six courses the first being the Jacobs Bruschetta served on a ciabatta cracker with its fresh very colourful tomatoes not only did it look visually stunning but it also tasted great.



The Prawn cocktail with Jacob’s twist served on Jacob’s chive cracker along with lettuce and a slice of lemon. I am not keen on prawn cocktail sauce and I don’t like chive so I just ate the prawns that had no sauce on them. However I was told it tasted lovely on the chive cracker giving the prawn cocktail a unique taste and twist to the classic.

melt cheeseBaked Goddess was such a heavenly cheese that is melted and we got to dip vegetables and crackers into it. It was really creamy and one of the best melted cheeses I have ever tasted and the colour was so yellow like the sun it just made me want to keep on dipping my vegetable sticks and crackers into the heavenly circle of beaming goodness. The cheese that is made by Alex is called the Goddess Circa which has won 3 awards. The cheese is semi soft and made out of Guernsey cow milk and the rind is brushed with Somerset Cider Brandy then matured for 8-10 weeks. The longer it matures the more smellier it gets.

beetrootBeetroot salad, with Jacob’s was served on Alex’s Little Wallop cheese served on a ciabatta cracker. It was a lovely white, silky and creamy goats cheese and the cubes of beetroot really gave the whole taste a nice tang. The Little Wallop cheese is brushed with Somerset Cider Brandy and is matured for 2-3 weeks giving it the silky and nutty lemon flavour.

jacob beefBeef and all the trimmings was served on yet another ciabatta cracker with horseradish and topped with blue cheese plus chives. I am not keen on horseradish so I just ate the cheese and beef that had no horseradish on it. However I was told by others that it worked really well together with the crunch of the cracker and the soft beef and creaminess of the edgy tangy blue cheese. The blue cheese which Alex calls his the Blue Monday cheese is made out of cow’s milk and is matured for 8 weeks and mild making it mellow and creamy.

apricotApricot and clotted cream cracker tower now this is what I have been waiting for not only did it look delicious but it tasted absolutely heavenly with the cream cheese, honey, the nuts, the apricot and the creamy cream cheese along with the crunch of you guessed it the ciabatta cracker. I am unsure if the cream cheese was one of Alex James’s but it tasted light and very creamy.

Out of all the cracker dishes I had I will certainly be making the Jacob’s Bruschetta dish again and the Apricot and clotted cream cracker tower and tempting to melt a Baked Goddess to dip food into. I am also addicted to Jacob’s ciabatta cracker which is quite new to their range. I will most definitely be looking out for the Jacob’s ciabatta cracker to buy.

This has to be one of the best food related pop ups I have been to and one that I will never forget especially with Alex James there.

“I’ve always thought that cheese and crackers go together like bread and butter – the perfect match, made in heaven. But working on the tasting menu for the Jacob’s Cracker Restaurant, I’ve discovered a whole new world of delicious combinations – both sweet and savoury – and it’s been so much fun letting my imagination run wild. I hope people are inspired to create their own magnificent concoctions at home once they try some of our Jacob’s recipes.” says Alex James.

“At Jacob’s, we know providing inspiration and innovation for people is incredibly important, and we want guests to leave our Cracker Restaurant feeling inspired by the delicious dishes that can be created with a simple cracker. The recipes use kitchen cupboard staples as the main ingredients, showing just how versatile crackers can be. We can’t wait to welcome people through the doors – you’re in for a treat!” says Alexandra Papas, Senior Brand Manager, Jacob’s Crackers