Welcome…. to Zoorassic Park plus London Zoo – ZSL London Zoo

Welcome…. To London Zoo for a limited time this summer (22 July – 3 September 2017) London Zoo will take you on a journey to travel back in time to see dinosaurs.

London Zoo pop up Zoorassic Dinosaur Park

Grab your field journal before entering upon the time travel tunnel London Zoo “you built a time machine….. out of a” tunnel and get ready to track down some of the most biggest and fiercest animals that ever walked the earth over 65 million years back to the Mesozoic period. On your roaring adventure you will discover many real dinosaurs (animatronic) from a Quetzalcoatlus to a T-Rex. Kids will say “It’s it’s a dinosaur!!” and adults will say back best “get used to these dinosaurs kids” and another kid might sayhow do you know they’re all female? Does somebody go out into the park and pull up the dinosaurs’ skirts?”


Then travel into the future and become an Archaeologists and discover old skeleton bones from now extinct animals such as the tiger and rhino then jump back to the present day.

When you go along to London Zoo no need to travel “88 mph” as this popped up dinosaur zoo enclosure will be running up till 3 September 2017.

Will you want to “travel back to the future” for real though!

London zoo (ZSL)

London Zoo is part of the Zoological Society of London (ZSL) does not just have zoo’s for our enjoyment but they help keep the ever disappearing animals stay present. They have a breeding program which they have to try and stop the endangered species from become extinct. They even release some animals back into the wild. Without affects like ZSL there probably would not be many of these animals from tigers to rhinos left roaming the world. With every ticket purchase your money goes towards ZSL.

Animals, shops and restaurants

Apart from the popped up Zoorassic Dinosaur Park there is so much more to see. They have many real animals such as monkeys, gorillas, pygmy hippos, penguins, tigers etc. the list just goes on. The best enclosures in my opinion is ‘penguin beach’ with such a massive space for the penguins to roam and swim and the ‘Land of the Lions’ enclosure with so many areas for the lions to play, eat and chill. Talking about eating and chilling there is five places to grab a bite from seasonal meals (Terrace Restaurant) to an ice-cream (Beach Hut). There are also many shops to buy various merchandise from such as toys to clothes.

VIP experiences

Plus if you are a real animal lover and would love to get even closer to the animals and not just view from a distance through the cage/window of the enclosure you can pay extra for an animal encounter.  Proceeds go towards ZSL project.  I have done many encounters in the past at London Zoo from penguins to giraffes which have all been animaltastic with the staff all being really friendly and knowledgeable.

Rainforest experience

For this time around as it was my birthday my husband Jason paid for me to have an animal encounter with the adorable squirrel monkeys in the ‘Rainforest Life enclosure’.  I got to feed them sweet corn out of my hand. They were so gentle and very inquisitive. However they just suck out the corn and spit or throw the outer casing of the corn onto the floor or um your head. However you might have to share with some other paying guests as this encounter takes up to six. On this occasion it was a full house and with us all being adults I feel the area we stood was far too small for us all to have individual times with the monkeys as we was all trying to squeeze pass each other and get to the monkeys to feed them as there was only about four interested monkeys that wanted to eat that time.


I love London Zoo not just because I love animals but because I think it is one of the best kept and maintained zoos in England. The animals always also look happy within their enclosures. Some people might not like zoos as they think it is cruel but least these animals are safe from poachers and hopefully by us having zoos these animals won’t become extinct.

To find book and find out more about London Zoo click here here.

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 My favourite animal is the hippo. Which animal is your favourite?

Did you manage to spot and figure out which quotes came from the movies ‘Back to the Future’ and ‘Jurassic Kingdom’?

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