Seek, solve, and disarm – Agent November: Rebranded Major X Ploe-Shun

I went along and played Agent November rebranded game Major X Ploe-Shun.  The new story and puzzles are a vast improvement to the original one.  Even though the original one was great this new one has been based on a more modern situation as it would be a disaster for any EMP device to happen which would in turn destroy the connection from all electrical devices such as our phones. How would I live? how would others live without their mobile phones and tech?

Agent November – Major X Plow-Shun

Firstly we are given a brief about the new mission of Agent November Major X Plow-Shun. Major X Plow-Shun has mysteriously gone missing whilst he was investigating the case of Marty Orri. He has either been captured or he has been defected to the enemy! So it was up to me and my team of co-agents to help Major X Ploe-Shun solve a number of puzzles to decode many locks to eventually leading to the ultimate code to open the briefcase to disarm the EMP device.

Without saying too much and giving too much away the whole game is very varied and leads to great hunts around the park. In order so that we are not screaming to each other across the park we are given walkie-talkies to connect with each other. Also we all are given a detective hat to get us in the spirit of being an agent and a new agent name as we have to keep this under wraps from any enemies that are lurking amongst the park, possibly.  If you do get stuck throughout the game their is one of Agent Novembers agents on hand to give a gentle hint or two. We had agent Jason who was very helpful and a laugh.


This is most certainly the best kind of game to play if you love the outdoors, love playing part of a team and solving various puzzles.

Eat your heart out Bond here we come!

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Thank you to Agent November for the fun experience. The tour was complimentary but all views are my own honest opinion.

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Agent November rebranded

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