Get sprinkled not bedazzled at easyJet popup – Café van der Sprinkles

EasyJet have partnered with the Netherlands Board of Tourism and Conventions, to transport the people of London on a journey to Holland to experience a taste of Dutch happiness along with a selection of sweet delights supplied by the Meringue Girls through their inspired pop up Café van der Sprinkles. The popup landed a day early for press and bloggers to experience first hand on Thursday 21st October but be quick before it fly’s away as it will only be open officially from Friday 22nd – Sunday 24th September between 11:00 – 17:00 then it will fly off. You can find it at The White Space in Leicester Square.

The reason for this popup is to promote Holland, Hollands love of sprinkles as well as the bargain flight prices that easyJet has to offer.  Holland is the sixth happiest place in the world.  Us Brits can buy flights from around £30, what a easy bargain. They also have flights leaving airports across the UK 36 times a day in fact.

Sprinkles are massive in Holland and according to easyJet, 750,000 Dutch people eat Broodie Hagelslag (sprinkles on buttered bread and known as Fairy Bread in the UK) for breakfast daily.  With the average person eating over 1 kilogram of sprinkles a year. Maybe the sugary start to the morning is the whole reason why Holland is ranked one of the happiest places in the world.

How to make a Broodie Hagelslag

What is a Broodie Hagelslag

Plus as an added bonus easyJet also have a chance for visitors throughout the event to win two return flights to Holland for taking up the sprinkle selfie and sharing it on Instagram or Twitter.

Visitors will start their immersive journey by entering through a plane door to the popup shop and various rooms ending with a DIY sprinkle café.


Do you like my easyJet clogs?

My journey now begins as I was invited along to the press/blogger pre-event and upon entering Café van der Sprinkles I did not just walk through any ordinary door but an easyJet plane door (as I mentioned earlier). Immediately I was immersed and greeted by a flight stewardess who presented me various options of drinks. Which shall I choose beer, wine, prosecco or Elderflower fizz? Well I am entering into the world of easyJet to learn about Holland and discover their obsession with sprinkles so had to be the Dutch beer.



Time for me to now take off on the start of my immersive journey. Seated comfortably in an easyJet seat and seatbelt fastened. Now onto sampling some of the sweet delights that the Meringue Girls had to offer.


Ready for takeoff

The meringues were so colourful and yet so delicious and of course covered with sprinkles.  I think I need to loosen my seatbelt now.


It was now all aboard into the sprinkle makeover room where you get to choose to have your nails painted, your eyebrows sprinkled (not bedazzled), lips or if you’re a man you can even have you moustache/beard be sprinkled. I opted to have my eyebrows done by the sprinkle makeup girls. The sprinkling begun, first glue then the sprinkles followed by a dusting of blue and pink glitter. Blue to bring out the colour of my eyes and pink to enhance my blogger/reviewer/Instagrammer community on my t-shirt.


All besparkled so now time to pop my head through the selfie cardboard cut out that is in a shape of a piece of toast covered with sprinkles (Broodie Hagelslag), so let’s say “cheese”, no I mean “sprinkled”. Remember by doing a selfie here there is a competition if you post your photo on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag #sprinklescafe and you then can have a chance to win flights for a fab trip to Holland.



My friend had her nails and lips done and she just had to go with the most amazing colour the easyJet orange keeping in brand. However sprinkles on the lips it looked like she had not eaten properly so was quite amusing.


Now on down the ceiling of tulip heaven that have also been sprinkled. Not the yellow brick road but the ceiling road of tulips instead. My friend and my husband due to their height their heads ended up in amongst the hanging tulips so they were literally smelling the flowers, if only they were real.


My friend in tulip heaven

After walking under the many tulips it was time for the art exhibition/sprinkle café.  Firstly you are given a mini guided art tour of the large pieces of art that are in the shape of toast and sprinkled with sprinkles creating pieces of remastered art work such as Van Goghs Flowers and the popular rabbit character Miffy that came from Holland.


After the mini tour it was my turn to create my own masterpiece of art from the many Dutch inspired stencils and toast.  I chose a flower as Holland is famous for flowers such as Tulips.  My friend and husband both chose the ever so cute Miffy. We had a choice of sprinkles from pastel coloured fruit ones to chocolate sprinkles.  My piece of toast did not end up being a masterpiece though as it is not as easy as it looks. You can even eat your creation afterwards. So what if it’s not breakfast time!


Broodie Hagelslag my flower art

Also when trying to create my masterpiece at certain intervals music is played throughout and a woman whom is all covered in a fake tulip costume comes out dancing to the disco beats and lights. It was such fun watching her getting on down with her moves.


Sadly that is the end of my journey through this wonderful colourful immersive experience but what a fun one it was. Watch out London as sprinkled eyebrow girl is coming on out.

If you love easyJet, Holland, sprinkles and art then pop in to this popup before it fly’s off.


Tulip girl

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