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The other day courtesy of Wild and Game they sent me some pâté to taste and blog about so I was game in trying them out.

Wild and Game

Firstly though let me tell you a bit more about the company Wild and Game.

Wild and Game is a non-profit organisation in  Bristol which was set up back in 2017 by Steven Frampton and Michael Cannon.  Their products are available from the company’s website via retail or wholesale, with the company aiming to supply pubs, restaurants, small shops and the general public.

Their main aim is introducing the British public to the great taste of game meat hoping to turn the UK into a nation of game lovers. They sell a variety of products from game-based pies, pasties, sausage rolls and sausages all giving that true taste of the countryside.  As all their products use only the highest quality ingredients of which contain low-fat, low-cholesterol game meat from game birds such as pheasant, partridge and grouse.

What is game meat?

Game usually describes meat which are from animals and birds such as grouse, pheasant, partridge and hare. All game meat is low in fat.

Their products 

Wild and Game’s product range is growing steadily.  It currently includes pies, pasties, sausage rolls, sausages, ready meals and just recently pâtés.

Game Pies & Pasties

Their range of pies and pasties combines tasty pheasant meat with either beef or chicken.

Pheasant Sausages

Scrumptious pheasant sausages made with the finest cuts of meat. Choose from Pheasant and Venison, Pheasant and White Wine and Pheasant and Pear.

Game Ready Meals

Their ready meals include at present Pheasant Chilli and Pheasant Tikka Masala with new ranges coming soon.


At present Wild and Game sell two poultry pâtés which is a Grouse, Brandy & Herb Pâté and a Pheasant, Pistachio & Port Pâté.

Did you know that harvesting of game from the British countryside goes back many centuries. It was once seen as a luxury food and priced as such but game meat is now more readily available and more affordable.

Wild and Game Pâtés

With Wild and Game only just recently launching pâtés to their range I could not wait to try them and each was as wildly as delicious as each other.

“Wild and Game mission is to make game popular on British dinner tables all year round. Game is low-fat and readily available, so it deserves to be used more widely.  At Wild and Game we have a focus on traditional dishes that people already love, so pâté seemed a perfect addition to our range.”

says Wild and Game co-founder Steven Frampton

Wild and Game Pate

Grouse, Brandy & Herb Pâté (120g)  

This was a delicious pâté which consisted of grouse, brandy and herbs.

For those that don’t know what a grouse is it is a tiny game bird, the size of a very small chicken.

They are usually hunted as they are not easy to farm.  Grouse has pretty much the same proportion of white/dark meat as chicken do, but they don’t taste like chicken.  The breast of a young grouse is tender, with a mild gamey taste.

The look of the pate looked amazing, the smell oozed tones of brandy & herbs and the texture of the pâté was very creamy.  I loved how the flavours complimented each other and how the herbs did not overpower the poultry.  It was a pleasure to eat.

Wild and Game Grouse, Brandy & Herb Pate

Grouse Breast (26%), Chicken Liver (25%), Margarine [vegetable oils (non hydrogenated): palm oil (RSPO approved) and palm kernel oil (RSPO approved), rapeseed oil, water, salt, emulsifier – polyglycerol esters of fatty acids], (23%), Rehydrated Onion Powder (water, onion Powder), (15%), Parsley (1%), Marjoram Herb (1%), Brandy (1%), Thyme (1%), Garlic Puree Frozen (0.5%), Salt (0.5%), Black Pepper (0.1%),  Game seasoning (White Pepper (0.06%), Cloves (0.01%), Ginger (0.01%), Nutmeg (0.01%), Coriander Leaves (0.01%))

Pheasant, Pistachio & Port Pâté (120g)

Again this was also a delicious pâté which consisted of pheasant, pistachio and port.

Pheasant is a very lean poultry meat and tastes a bit like a quail but with a much gamier taste.

The look of the pate was very similar in look to Grouse, Brandy & Herb pâté apart from the little chunks of green chopped up pistachio which appeared here and there.  You could certainly smell the pheasant and hints of port.  The texture was creamy with a hint of coarseness from the pistachio chopped nuts here and there.  The flavours worked well together though and certainly made this one of the most unusual types of pâtés I have ever tasted making it that slightly more special.

Wild and Game Pheasant, Pistachio & Port Pate

Pheasant Meat (20%),Chicken Liver(19%), Margarine,[vegetable oils (non hydrogenated): palm oil (RSPO approved) and palm kernel oil (RSPO approved), rapeseed oil, water, salt, emulsifier – polyglycerol esters of fatty acids], Rehydrated Onion Powder,(water, Onion Powder), Port (3%), (sulphites), Pistachio Nuts, (2%), (nuts), Garlic, Salt, Mixed herbs (marjoram, thyme, parsley), Black Pepper.

The pâté verdict

All in all I was wildly impressed by each pâté and would certainly think about ordering with them in the future especially as their pâtés only cost £3.50 each which is a bargain as their pâtés are luxurious and I have purchased higher priced pâtés from supermarkets which are not as good.

Even though I loved both my favourite was the Grouse, Brandy & Herb pâté as it was not as strong and gamey like the pheasant one.

Ordering with Wild and Game

Be advised

If you decide that you would like to order any of their pâtés or any of their other products bare in mind that all their products come frozen and it is vital that you are in to take in the delivery.  All their products should be thawed under refrigeration thoroughly.

“Our products are supplied frozen and so be available all year round, not just in the game season,”

says Wild and Game co-founder Steven Frampton

Delivery info

There is a minimum order of £25. A delivery fee of £3.99 applies to all orders between £25 and £50. Free delivery applies to all orders over £50.  However you can pick up your delivery instead if you so desired.

Order now

Wild and Game
Suite 1 Westbury Court
Church Road
Westbury on Trym

Open from Monday to Friday – 9.00am to 4.00pm

To discover more about their product range and to order click here to go to their website.


Thank you to Wild and Game for the complimentary pâtés . I certainly will be looking to buy more game products from yourself in the future.  All views are my own honest opinion.

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