Time for Tea – Propa Tea Halloween

After one event to another it was off to Propa Tea’s latest afternoon tea pop up which was Halloween themed.

Propa Tea

Propa Tea is set up by Charly Webber who loves holding afternoon teas but she loves to put on  themed ones.

She held her first themed afternoon tea at The Dispensary back in June which was tropical themed.  Since then she has been holding themed afternoon teas once per month.

Each afternoon tea you will get served cocktails in a tea pot, sandwiches, scones and cakes with a DJ playing music in the background giving the afternoon tea a great ambience and buzz.

Halloween afternoon tea

Heading on through the doors of The Dispensary in East London I was greeted by the lovely Charly the organiser of the event.

Propa Tea Halloween Charly

Charly – photo by Propa Tea

We was led to our seat which was full of spookiness.

Propa Tea table

Propa Tea menu

Once sitting down for our afternoon tea first thing was first which tea to have, well which cocktail in a tea pot should I have, mmmmm.

After much pondering me and Steve decided to opt for the gin based tea which was called The Gin Reaper.

Propa Tea Steve tea

Before drinking let’s put on my witch’s hat which was set upon our table ready to drink gin from a reaper.

Propa Tea me

The tea pot was so large we possibly could of got 6 to 8 cups each out of it but after 2 cups each we had enough as it was still the middle of the day and had other things on in the afternoon so did not want to be hammered.  The cocktail was really nice though just a bit too strong but that is because I am not used to gin.

Time for sandwich and cake.

Propa Tea selection

Propa Tea sandwich

Now I can’t eat sandwiches as I am allergic to bread so I macerated mine.

The Spine Chilling Honeyed Sweet Potato and Creepy Ricotta Spreads was an unusual combination but wow it really did work well together giving an amazing sweet flavour and the chilli gave it that extra kick.  I think if it did not have the chilli it might of been a bit too bland.   I highly recommend making these and giving it a try yourself.

Potion Glazed Pulled Pork with an Autumn Chutney was my favourite out of all the sandwiches as the chutney was tangy and really gave the moist flavourless shreds of pork a new take.

Bloodroot Cured Smoked Salmon with Gruesome Horseradish Cream (I opted for no Horseradish Cream) did not just look good with it’s redness but tasted great.  You could taste slightly the beetroot which has been used to dye the salmon.  So if you love beetroot and salmon you’ll love this.

Now time for my favourite part of any afternoon tea scone and cakes.

The scone did not have much depth to it but I was blown away by the flavour once I sunk my teeth into the.  In fact I they are the best scones I have ever eaten.  Even better than Michelin starred restaurant scones which I have had in the past, that is how much I rate these scones.  They were light, airy and fluffy.  After eating the scones I then discovered they were vegan scone and I could not believe it as I mentioned earlier they were the best I have ever tasted.

I will certainly be looking to make vegan scones next time at home and hope they come out just as well as these beauts.

Propa Tea scone
Now time for cake, cake and more cake.
Propa Tea cake

There was so many spine chilling decorated cakes on offer from Bloody White Chocolate Cake with Raspberry Jam, Morticia’s Chocolate Orange cake and Ghoulish Gingerbread Cupcakes. 

They were all frightfully amazing but if  I had to choose one which was the best which is a tough decision I would say it has to be the Morticia’s Chocolate Organise cake as I love chocolate and orange.

Propa Tea Steve and me

To book

Want to find out more about her upcoming afternoon teas go to https://www.facebook.com/propatea/


Thanks to Charly of Propa Tea who let me and Steve of Love Pop Ups London community come down to indulge in sandwiches and cakes.  Read our blogs/reviews from the comments section below.

Click link below to read Steve’s blog. His view is of his own honest opinion.

Propa Tea



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