Brick by Brick – The Art of the Brick: DC Legends

Bang!, Wallop! Pow!, Kaboom! The Art of the Brick: DC Legends is the most eye striking art exhibition I have ever gone to and it took me back to my childhood years.   Even before upon entering this exhibition the buildings outer walls are all covered with comic story strips and DC Legend characters.

DC Legends me

The Art of the Brick: DC Legends the exhibition

Joker at the cinema

I walked through the entrance and sitting right in front of my eyes is The Joker sitting in a chair with 80’s 3D glasses on and eating popcorn (yellow lego bricks) with a spare chair next to him and a spare pair of glasses well what can I say but I am a kid and I just had to sit next to him, as “I’m Joanne, fun and silly at the same time”.

Behind the Joker was some benches and a small cinema screen which you could sit down and watch some movie shorts that star lego characters.

DC Legends cinema

The next room was like a cinema with a much bigger movie screen where you could watch, sit and learn more about the award-winning artist Nathan Sawaya.

DC Legends heroes

After watching his inspiring story it was onto the next room in a speed of light I rushed through the entrance and was knocked out with colour and wonder full of different DC Legend super heroes approx. 3 foot tall from Supergirl to The Flash. All of the characters were so detailed and is all done just by using Lego with no paint in site. I really was blown away by the Lego detailed superheroes.

DC Legends real life size superheroes and villains

The next mind blowing room had various real life size versions of Superheroes and Villains. Some of my best Lego art characters in this room was The Flash with the streaks of light behind him making it look like he was rushing off to explore more of the exhibition and Aquaman who had an underwater setting behind him giving him a more visually stunning feel that he was actually swimming through water undersea. My finger on my camera button was constantly speedily going bang, bang, bang, I’m unstoppable.

DC Legends Flash running

Is it a plane? is it a bird? No it’s Superman

Great Krypton the next room I seriously could not believe what I was seeing pow! there he was “is it a bird, is it a plane no it’s Superman”. Everywhere I looked in this new room there he was. I could not stop taking photos I was like a crazed version of Jimmy Olsen who works for The Daily Planet. I absolutely loved the one where Superman was flying through the air being held up by wires and the art inspired one where he had wings was such a showstopper.  This room really was super.

DC Legends superman flying

Superheroes and Villains out of large brick

Upon leaving Superman I ventured into a room full of abstract versions of Superheroes / villains which used large Lego bricks it was interesting and very different.

DC Legends lesser known heroes

Next it was onto a room with a mix of characters and some lesser known characters (well I did not know them) from a super dog to Aquapus which is an Octopus type character, half octopus and half man. In this room there was a life size Superman being vein and gazing into a mirror entirely made out of lego showing his reflection.

DC Legends Superman mirror


Some skulls were in the central of the room made out of Lego and one being a skull of the Joker. That skull of the Joker made me think of the late Heith Ledger so sad a such talented actor. There was also a massive head of the Joker with a massive grin making you feel that you have now encountered a dark place as was spookily scary before moving onto the next room.


Holy smokes! upon entering the next room or should I say Gotham City there I see Batman overlooking his scened territory of Gotham.  He was standing proud next to his call sign ‘The Bat Signal’ overlooking the room or should I say Gotham. There was a arch at the end of the room with the words Gotham above I ventured through the bat cave entrance and I came across a full size version of the bat car which was a Holy Showcase.

Kapow! The End

This is unfortunately where the exhibition ends and you are led into a shop area where you can buy Lego through to DC legends merchandise. I was like a kid in a candy store I’m unstoppable.  I would totally be back in a flash next year to see The Art of the Brick again when it returns with a new exhibition.

DC Legends gang of friends

After it’s time in London The Art of the Brick: DC Legends will be going on tour to many other various locations and it truly is one not to be missed as it truly is Legendary.

Click here to find out more about The Art of the Brick.

Can you name all the heroes and villains from my photos?

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