Most epic wackiest party ever! – Bompas & Parr 10th Anniversary Party

Bompas & Parr 10th Anniversary Party really knows how to lay on good events and boy do they know how to lay on a party for it really was epic and so wacky.

They are celebrating their 10th anniversary and to do this they combined their party with their latest current retrospective exhibition Tongue Town which is at the São Paulo Museum of Modern Art in Brazil. This runs from June – August 2017.

Bompas & Parr 10th Anniversary Party

Upon entering the party gates we first get to drink a blue drink to dye our tongues blue then this is when the whole party really gets started from licking vodka off naked statue bodies, plunging your arms into a 50kg confetti bathing glitter tub, alcoholic fog, jumping down a waste chute which was oh so frightening, life ghost drawings, crossbow posing “eat your heart out Daryl Dixon”, horoscope readings and having alcohol being squirted into your mouth via a super soaker cocktail blaster and with so much more happening plus not forgetting the amazing volcanic Jacuzzi.

There were also some competitions happening. One of my many blogger/reviewer community friends entered the most gross cake competition with her vagina cake but alas she did not win. The winner though won a unicorn for an hour. There was also a raffle in which you could win a large golden spoon.


There was also a yard sale in which they had various items for sale and I just had to buy a skull for my Halloween events that I hold every year for the children in the neighbourhood to go along with my animatronic Halloween horrors.

The best part though for me about the whole party was most certainly the volcanic hot tub in which I could really let my hair down and try on the mermen tails and be a real mermaid with my long blonde flowing hair I was literally feeling like Madison (Daryl Hannah) from Splash who I idolise.

Bompas & Parr 10th Anniversary Party hot tug fun

The whole Bompas & Parr 10th Anniversary Party was in full swing all the time with glitter going everywhere, alcohol flowing in every direction and people getting on down and dancing to the wonderful sounds the DJ’s were blasting out. I wish I could go back in time and relive the party over and over.


Thank you to Bompas & Parr for letting me and others from Love Pop Ups London community come down to celebrate your 10th anniversary party. 

Click below to read the blogs and / or reviews from the other community members whom joint me on the night. 

Bompas and Parr 10th Anniversary Party

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