Circus party going on at Roof East – SFG Club

SFG Club has re-opened and is hosting an unbelievable circus-themed roof top party which you don’t want to miss out. They have decorated the Roof East rooftop (located near Stratford station) with various games, activities, circus acts, food booths and several fantastic cocktail and beer bars.

10 Spectacular Features of the Circus party going on at Roof East – SFG Club

SFG Club - intro

It is the perfect venue to relax after (or during) a hard week, host a corporate event or bring a date (there is so much to do and see, there will be no awkward pauses no matter how little you and your Tinder match have in common).

Though there are many, many more features to the party than listed here, here are our top 10 favourite aspects of this unique, spectacular launch event…

1. Fire Eaters

The first thing I noticed when entering the rooftop was a fire-breather who took our breath away.  Sadly he was only there for the launch night.

2. Bartender Flare

After you’ve strolled through the colourful decorations and costumes, you’re going to want to get a drink. But the show isn’t over while you’re waiting in line for your bevvy – the bartenders will flip bottles, shake and stir in an acrobatic routine to get you your libations.

3. Mini Golf

In the centre of the party, a nine-course mini-golf game is set up. Throughout the course, there’s tables to set your drinks down while you play.

Golf Photo golf

4. Batting Cages

Batting cages – American style! Try your hand at baseball in several batting cages located at the far-left end of the venue. You can choose slower speeds for beginners or crank up the speed to crack the balls like a pro.

SFG Club batting

5. Giant Jenga

Throughout the seating areas, there are giant Jenga sets. Very fun to challenge your mates to a game and watch the wooden blocks quiver than crash to the ground.

SFG Club Jenga

6. Magic

There was even several magicians walking the floor to entertain you while you lounge in the sun. Here’s Brendan Rodrigues who reminded me of David Bowie in the Labyrinth.

Brendan will be at SFG performing on certain nights of the week entertaining guests.

7. Drinks in Pineapples

Want to feel like you are in the tropics but not get on a plane? The signature drink of the event is a Piña Colada, served in half a pineapple.

8. The View

Among all the games and performers, the backdrop of the event is a phenomenal rooftop view. If you get there early, you can watch the sunset over the city and see all the lights change as the evening draws into night.SFG Club

9. BBQ Style Food & Ice Cream

Can’t believe it’s taken this long in our list to mention – but the food is freaking delicious. BBQ style steak, burgers, creamy ice cream, calamari and sweet potato fry chips are on the menu. Goes well with a cocktail.

10. Circus Costumes (only on launch night)

In a delightful background to games and booze, there are performers walking the floor in circus costumes including women on high stilts, a contortionist, a man who swallows knives and many more. However most of these performers were just for the launch night only.

SFG Club Circus Costumes


So if you are looking for a great night out full of thrills and fun then get on down to SFG Club the ultimate adult playground.


Big thanks to SFG Club for inviting us to this amazing event.  This was a complimentary experience but all views are my own honest opinion.


Regina Kenney

Co-founder of Love Pop Ups London 

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