Where is the groom? – AIM Escape Hangover Déjà Brew

Plunging into a room of darkness when the lights came on we noticed that there had been a party, or had we just woken up after a hard night of partying with a hangover and forgotten everything that happened last night?

AIM Escape

AIM Escape is based in Whitechapel and provides escape room fans a number of different high tech games making all players feel very immersed with their extreme challenges, complex narratives and realistic sets and props.

With each AIM Escape Room tells a unique and complex story.  Solve mysteries and unravel plots in order to earn your freedom within 60 minutes whatever room you enter.

They have four rooms in total

Spy Heroes
Psychopaths Den
Hangover Déjà Brew
Patient Zero 2150

Some of us of Love Pop Ups London community had the pleasure of playing their adult themed game Hangover Déjà Brew.

Hangover Déjà Brew

Hangover Déjà Brew is an inspiration from the movie Hangover.

It was the morning after the turbo-charged stag night before. A hotel room filled with dishevelled bodies and empty bottles. Things got a little out of hand didn’t they – or can’t you recall? Seems not. One person is missing – the groom. The wedding is only hours away and you’re locked in the suite. His cell is dead and reception’s not picking up. You need to piece together the events of last night using the clues scattered around to get out, find the groom and save the ceremony. Things got very naughty last night. They are about to get knotty in here.

Where is the groom?

Have you ever played an escape room which is like you have woken from a stag or hen party then AIM Escape Hangover Déjà Brew gives you just that feeling.

During this very risqué themed escape room rated 18+ which has some naughty content from nudity to objects it was up to us five members of Love Pop Ups London community to work out what happened last night and where is the missing groom.  With limited time to find the groom before his wedding is ruined the challenge was on.

60 minutes and counting there was plenty of puzzles to fondle and solve during this linear game and crack. There was much fun to be had with whips a plenty.  As you move on through the game the narrative advances as you play.  My advice would be think logically and outside of the box in order to dynamically move through the rooms. Work with your mates to combine your minds in order to solve the unique challenges ahead of you.  The best part about this game, no not the whips even though I had much fun with them, it was that there is an alternative ending to this game depending what choices you make at the end in regards to the groom and the bride.

So after some twisting and fingering of codes a plenty we escaped within 49 minutes saving the day.

Coming out of Hangover

Hangover Déjà Brew was a fun medium to difficult type escape room, as some parts were easy and some parts were challenging.

The whole set design of the room was done really well making us really thinking that a party had taken place and we had just woken up from a hard night of partying. There is whips everywhere as well as some bondage items. During the game there is also some clips that are throughout the game in which happened during that night from strippers to some blackmailing, but that’s all I am going to reveal.

So if you are looking for a different kind of escape room like no other that has a risque element then I highly recommend AIM Escape Hangover Déjà Brew.


To book one of the many escape rooms with AIM Escape click here.

Thanks to AIM Escape for letting us come down to fondle and whip our way through Hangover Déjà Brew. We of Love Pop Ups London community loved it. This was a complimentary experience but all views are my own honest opinion.

Click on link below to read blogs and / or reviews from the community members which joint me on the night. All their views are of their own honest opinion.

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