The Big London Bake invaded by Aussie Animals Critters

On your marks get set bake! On a complimentary basis I returned to get my bake on again within The Big London Bake marquee along with some other members of Love Pop Ups London and their plus 1’s whom for them was their first ever time.

Time to beat my previous achievement of coming 2nd and time to come 1st as I want to be STAR BAKER!

The Big London Bake

Back in 2017 Adam Chaudhri and Eloise Frank set up The Big London Bake. Their one mission is to make baking fun and accessible for all.

They are London’s highest rated event, and have won an award for the ‘Best Experience for South London’ and we’re even shortlisted for ‘Small Business Entrepreneurs of the Year’.

The Big London Bake provides bakers an opportunity to bake their best bake and compete against others all whilst being timed.

Set within a marquee in the gardens of Castle Tooting will you be up for the 90 minute challenge?

Cooking in pairs, grab your friend, don on your apron, pick up your spoon and bake.

Within The Big London Bake there are 10 cooking stations each which accommodate 2 people and come provided with all cooking essentials which are needed and the ingredients for your bake.

Question is will your bake come out to perfect or will you end up with a soggy bottom?

Baking themes

Every month The Big London Bake have a different theme. Check out their latest theme by clicking here.

This February it is all about Aussie Critters. Plus this month 10% of all profits will be donated to the Wires Wildlife Rescue who help injured animals within Australia. With the terrible fires that have occurred recently in Australia it is no wonder why The Big London Bake have opted to donate to such a worthy charity.

The bake is on

Heading on down to The Big London Bake it was time for me and other members of Love Pop Ups London to prove that we have baking skills or have we?

Heading into the marquee and heading to our stations in pairs I felt like I had been transported to The Great British Bake Off set.

Upon looking at the instructions for the bake we firstly had to think of which Australian animal we would like to bake. Luckily we were all prepared as we knew about the theme beforehand. Me and my friend Bianca who I took along me as my plus 1 we chose to make a Platypus. Others decided on Koalas, one a cockatoo, and another pair decided to make a Platypus making it real competition for us.

Ready and up for a challenge with our spoons in one hand and egg in another and 90 minutes counting the bake was on. With a whisk, roll and drizzle we all baked our way towards hopefully a perfect finish.

90 minutes and counting

Following the instructions provided it was time to prepare tins for our sponges, whip the mixture up and add some flavours. Me and Bianca opted to add some dried banana, butterscotch and banana flavouring to ours.

A whip here and whip there

Then into the oven and hoping and praying that all our bakes come out perfect with no soggy bottoms.

Bakes ready

Now time for some styling.

Squish and squash I will get these platypus features right

Buttercream textures

90 minutes over and hey presto we have a tent full of cute Aussie animals.

Time is up!

Throughout the whole experience Sasha one of The Big London baker helpers was on hand for advice or guidance.

Judging time

Then it was time for the judging.

Even Sasha who was judging the bakes was very impressed and she tasted each one and she said how all of our bakes did not just look fantastic but all tasted amazing. Each cake was so different in flavours from matcha through to chocolate.

Plus there was no soggy bottoms on site thankfully. 

Impressively me and Bianca won so we made STAR BAKER!

But then look at our platypus and her baby, isn’t she a beaut but then again everyone else’s animals were also. I wanted to kiss them all, sorry mean eat.

I really don’t know how Sasha decided who was the star baker because all the cakes melted my heart.

These are all the bakes of the other members of Love Pop Ups London who joined me on the night.

Who’s bake do you like the look of best? 


The whole experience was fun and a tad stressful at the same time.  I highly recommend to anyone that loves to bake, has a team spirit and loves the Great British Bake Off as you will feel like you really are one of the contestants competing for victory.

So grab your friends, lovers or colleagues and get on baking at The Big London Bake and let the competition commence.

Are you up for the challenge?

The Big London Bake
38 Tooting High Street
SW17 0RG

The Big London Bake is in Tooting in the garden grounds of Castle Tooting.

Key ingredients for the ultimate baking extravaganza…

  • 0 x experience needed
  • 1 x awesome marquee
  • 10 x cooking stations
  • Mix in up to 10 teams of 2
  • Add a dash of competition
  • Set the timer to 90 minutes
  • Customise with our creation corner
  • Stir in a slice of creativity

And when the time’s up, the winning team is crowned

Are you up for The Big London Bake?

Book via clicking here.

Thank you to The Big London Bake for letting me and others from Love Pop Ups London come down to bake. This experience was complimentary from them but all views are my own honest opinion.

Click link below to read everyone’s write ups who joined me and those who have attended other times throughout the past years over numerous months. All their views are of their own honest opinions.

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