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ImmerCity returns this Summer with a new production Dead Quiet. Similar to previous shows it is a fully immersive murder mystery experience which centres around solving a mysterious murder. This time is about a murder which took place several decades ago at Kensington Central Library.  I had the pleasure of trying out a test run at their dress rehearsal with Bianca a blogger whom is a community member of Love Pop Ups London.

ImmerCity : Dead Quiet

The librarian Miss Gwendolyn Radcliffe has been haunted by what happened over 50 years back ever since a murder happened and thinks it also has a link to the murder of her late husband whom died 10 years after.  So we was all called upon to help solve what happened. 

Immercity Dead Quiet

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Kensington Central Library

When we arrived Gwendolyn explains about the unfortunate event which took place back in June 1962 during Esteban Moreño’s lecture on Cuban music at the Kensington Central Library and how at the end of the night a drunk man was later found murdered in the basement. She then explains how the police never identified who the drunk man was.

The echos of 1962

So it was up to us all to try and piece what happened with the help of Jack Daw.  We are split into six groups and each of us have to choose which ghostly aspiration we would like to follow and observe from that night.  There was:

  • The librarian
  • The model
  • The academic
  • The lecturer
  • The drunk
  • The photographer

It was then onto to watch an aspiration of the lecturer that took place back in 1962. After we then all followed our selected ghostly aspirations.  I followed the academic, trying to gather as much information possible from what she done on the night.

Immercity Dead Quiet

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From time to time we passed and bumped into the other ghostly characters of the past which eventually led to the death of the drunk man that seemed to annoy everyone (each suspect).

Immercity Dead Quiet

Photo supplied by ImmerCity

Question is who it who killed him and why?

We will solve this

It was now time for us all to regather back into our groups to brief each other on what we had witnessed.  After a short discussion it was then time for us to think of some questions to ask the dead.  With a map in hand it was time for us to head on down to the basement to ask each one our sleuthing questions we have put together.  With just 5 minutes with each character we had to be precise and with our questioning as we did not want to waste time and wanted to try and solve how the poor drunk man was murdered.

After questioning all we had a quick debrief to discuss who we each believe murdered the drunk man and why.

Jack Daw the medium on the night then finally takes us all back to the lecture room where he then gets the ghost who committed the murder to reveal them-self and explain why he/she done it.


Even though I did not solve the murder this was a really fun immersive game with lots of opportunities to join in and interact. There was a few technical issues and the map not being easy to figure out where to go but then this was a dress rehearsal which I attended but these have now been corrected.

This was a very well thought out play and the actors all played out their roles beautifully.  So if you love mysteries and immersive theatre like me then I definitely recommend you book Dead Quiet. It was a lot of fun.

Book now

Book now before the library goes quiet and rid of the ghosts from 1962.  To find out more information about ImmerCity newest production Dead Quiet and to book click here.

Silhouette Window dmn

Photo supplied by ImmerCity

Plus ImmerCity popular immersive show The Silhouette in the Smoke is returning this October.  To book for this show click here.


Thank you to ImmerCity for letting me and another community member from Love Pop Ups London come along to journey back in time.  This experience was complimentary from them but all views are my own honest opinion.

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