Funicular Production Murder Express Part Deux – Who stole the jewel and murdered for it?

Having boarded Funicular Productions Murder Express train before from Pedley Street I knew that my food adventure would be interrupted as a murder always takes place but this time around a theft also occurred of a precious jewel from the cargo area reeking even more havoc on board.

I attended a special press night on a courtesy basis where I braved yet another journey on board the Murder Express.

Funicular Productions

Funicular Express provide immersive dining theatrical adventures to hungry diners and theatre lovers.

They have put on a variety of pop up shows over time with their most popular being The Murder Express which has been entertaining guests for a number of years now.

2022 they are proud to present their newest production of Murder Express Part Deux in which the food is curated by MasterChef The Professionals Finalist from 2017 Louisa Ellis.

The Jewel of the Empire is based around precious stone which needs transporting to the Von Cleethorpe’s private estate in France however all does not go to plan when stored in the cargo area on board The Murder Express.

Who done it?

Boarding the The Murder Express I was highly excited to see what has changed since my last culinary journey on board back in 2019.

Before boarding though I decided to have a tipple of a Baileys Espresso Salted Caramel Martini. It was absolutely delicious, so creamy with that kick of coffee and hit of salted caramel.

Buzzing after my drink it was now time to board The Murder Express.

On my way to the entrance of the trains door I caught a glimpse of the precious jewel, which was massive and ever so shiny.

Stepping inside the carriage there are eight booths with tables (4 on each side) which seat six people comfortably.

I and my friend Lynsey was sat at table No.7 which is near the entrance.

We were then taken on a journey where we stepped back in time to 1937 before enjoying a gastronomic journey curated by BBC MasterChef The Professionals Finalist Louisa Ellis.

Gazing out of the windows (well TV screens) we chugged pass views of the countryside and even the ocean onto our destination but in this case for a journey which gets filled with suspense and mystery. As a theft and a murder takes place.

Question is who murdered for the now stolen priceless jewel in which the famous archaeologist Errol Earhart was having transported to Von Cleethorpes Estate?. Was it Errol Earhart himself for insurance purposes, or one of the many other mysterious shifty looking characters on board?

Whilst pondering who done such awful crimes throughout our journey we enjoyed dishes which were curated up by Louisa Ellis and cooked by some fine chefs on board The Murder Express.

To begin with we were served a Dining Car Palate Cleanser. This was a beautifully peeled Cherry Tomato, which rested in yuzu sauce with a sprinkling of crispy capers. The tomato popped in the mouth giving a refreshing clean taste.

For starters we had a dish of Grilled Leeks with Black Garlic Ketchup with Spiced Dukkah topped with Puffed Rice. Tangy and delightful.

Mains was a plate of Slow Cooked Beef Shin which was served along with broccoli and a crisp creamy Butter Potato Terrine. The beef was rich and melted in the mouth. The potato terrine crisp and creamy.

To end the night we were served Chocolate Cremeux with droplets of Raspberry, Chocolate Soil and Honeycomb. This dessert was to die for as it was rich, sweet and zingy thanks to the dried raspberries and the crunch from the honeycomb.

By the time we had finished our meals and the Murder Express had arrived back at Pedley Street Station the detective had figured out who committed the crimes, and no it was not me!

I can’t reveal who done it as that is all top secret and would be criminal of me to reveal.

However here is a sneak peek from my journey from the drama which took place.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

I highly recommend The Murder Express Part Deux: Jewel of the Empire to anyone who is looking for something fun and unique to do in London.

What I love about The Murder Express is that even though this is not a real train it feels like one from booths, decor to the virtual windows which makes it seem like your actually travelling to somewhere even though your not. Also the acting throughout is always a laugh as they provide slapstick cabaret style entertainment making the whole show entertaining.

However I will note though as much as I have always enjoyed Funicular Productions other journeys on board The Murder Express with the newly installed plastic screens dividing each carriage to make it more covid safe I did find it at times very difficult to hear the actors sometimes. Plus the glare from the plastic made it quite hard to see the actors.

As for the food it was like always superb and designed by a MasterChef and this time around Louisa Ellis who was a finalist of the MasterChef Professionals back in 2017.

So if you are looking for a different kind of journey, a murder mystery is full of fun and wanting a first class meal then The Murder Express train is waiting for you to board.

Ideal for a date night, or a laugh with friends and family.

Funicular Productions: The Murder Express get your ticket ​

Funicular Express: The Murder Express
Pedley Street Station, 
Arch 63 
Pedley Street
E1 5BW


Don’t miss the train and book your ticket now for The Murder Express via here.

The whole experience lasts 2 hours. Food is included in the cost of the ticket. Drinks are sold separately.

Click link below to read community members reviews from whom has gone along on other dates. All their views are of their own honest opinions.

Thank you to Funicular Productions for letting me come along with my friend to take another journey on board The Murder Express.  This experience was complimentary but all views are my own honest opinion.

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