A look back at August 2018 – Community Fun

This article is a look back at the amazing experiences which various community members of Love Pop Ups London enjoyed and helped spread the word about during August 2018.

August 2018 a look back


Gingerline’s Faculty of Eatucation brought to London an immersive school like no other.  Part retro school, part culinary laboratory, part gastronomic playground Professors took us on a tantilising journey.

Question is which subject at Gingerline’s Faculty of Eatucation do you think you would of loved the best?


“We had a full timetable and when class was in session it was important to listen. The high-tech gadgetry they have available now is so beyond what I had in school. From growing meals in Petri dishes to using brain power to work ovens. It was more than I could ever imagine.”


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HotTug UK

HotTug UK is a nautical experience like no other.  Guests will get to sail a hottug down the canals of either Canary Wharf or Angel whilst taking in the sights and having a laugh in the warm waters of a hottug enjoying a drink or two. 

Which location appeals to you the most?

HotTug us

“When I told people that I was going on a HotTug several of them turned around and said ‘surely you mean hot tub’. Well no I didn’t! HotTug is a hot tub, but also a boat. It’s basically a floating hot tub with a motor, so you can drive it around.”


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Sea Creatures Life Beneath the Sea

If you love Sea Creatures then you will love Sea Creatures Life Beneath the Sea which is a groundbreaking new exhibition which allow visitors to explore the secrets of life beneath the ocean’s waves by viewing incredible cross-sections of the animals including whales, penguins and Great White sharks, and even getting an up-close glimpse of their complex organs.

Which sea creature would you be more interested to discover further about?

Sea Creatures us

“I even discovered nearby some other sharks such as this Lemon Shark and a selection of their organs.”

Joanne of Love Pop Ups London

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Purezza is the very first vegan pizzeria to open two restaurants within the UK. One in Brighton and one in Camden.

They are plant pioneers, revolutionising Italian food through cruelty free ingredients. Their aim  is simple: to make our plant based menu superior to the traditional alternatives.

Purezza oven

“They hand make all their vegan cheeses in house, from their absolutely stunning brown rice mozzarella, over coconut and cashew cheeses, to a delectable tofu ricotta, everything is dairy-free and tasty.”


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If you are looking for a great escape room which has many logical puzzles then you’ll love Omescape London’s escape rooms.  They have many different escape rooms to play but we of Love Pop Ups London had the privalge to play their first VR escape room Mind the Horror and a cat inspired escape room Kingdom of Cats.

Mind the Horror 

You’ll enter the mind of a serial killer called the Silent Man in a VR type world to try and solve where he has got a child held which he kidnapped.  However the Silent Man is dying and time is running out to find the child.

Kingdom of Cats 

Kingdom of Cats is an escape room which is a fantasy world ruled by cats which humans are not allowed to enter.  Trespassing into the world of cats and not being able to return through the door we came through with just 60 minutes before possibly being captured by King Jasper and being used as his scratching post time was crucial.

Which game appeals to you the most in which we played?

Mind the Horror
“I literally thought I’d gone back to the 80’s and jumped into a suit and leapt into the film ‘The Lawn Mower Man’, I really felt so immersed in the game and was intrigued with my heart pounding as to what was going to happen next in the VR World of their game ‘Mind Horror’ based on the mind of a serial killer with you having to rescue the child, solving some puzzles and some logical thinking with your team and just like a traditional escape room, you have just one hour to complete the game.”


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The Jam Supperclub 

The Jam Shed Supper Club popped up in South Bank for a limited time giving diners an intimate dining experience whilst looking out at spectacular views of the Thames.  All meals were freshly made by different MasterChef finalists on certain nights.

Two community members of Love Pop Ups London had the pleasure to experience an amazing meal cooked by David Crichton and another enjoyed the delights cooked by Alex Jorge & George Kallias.

Jam Shed Supperclub by Haydy

“The dish that had swayed me to David’s menu was this, the Almond satay chicken with cucumber salad. Chicken Satay was the reason I broke being a vegetarian many moons back so you can see I’m a huge fan and this could be the best satay I’ve ever had. The chicken was well coated, but not drowning in sauce, it was cook perfectly and the cucumber salad gave a get texture difference.”


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Lagunitas Beer Circus

Ladies and Gentlemen did you hear that Lagunitas Beer Circus rolled into town on 18 August bringing not just beer to London but many spectacular performers from aerialists to sideshows.  This was a whirling frenzy of freaktacular Beer Circus.  Don’t miss the next one when it rolls back into London.

Lagunitass Beer Circus

“Apart from Las Lagunitas, we had a chance to try an unlimited number of beers from Lagunitas’ befriended breweries, like Brixton or Moonlight Brewing Company. I lost count how many beers I tried, but I must say they were all excellent.”


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London Escaped

London Escaped has just recently opened this August and has bought to London two of the most most intense escape rooms around with more to come.


If you love horror then you’ll love the Prisoner which is full of limbs, bodies and hunting of keys.  The story goes that you are held in a 14th century prison for crimes of witchcraft.  The executioner known by Bloody Elbow loves to torture people to death. with 60 minutes whilst he is on a break you will have the opportunity to try and break out of prison.

Question is will you break free with your life or tortured to death?

Da Vinci

This escape game is for all those that love logical and physical puzzles.  The story goes that you are in the year 1495 and you can be taught by the Master Leonardo Da Vinci. However to prove you are a worthy student you will have to show him that you are a worthy student to take on by solving all his puzzles within 60 minutes.

Question is will you pass with a distinction and get to carry on learning from the master himself?

“The decor is really well done and realistic (with fake dead bodies, torture instruments etc) so much that we were actually scared the entire game and were not as efficient as usual haha.” on the Prisoner


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Secret Adventures

Secret Adventures loves to bring unique adventures to London from kayaking to camp fire fun.

Love Pop Ups London community has experienced many different adventures with Secret Adventures but this August one lucky member went and experienced their pop up cinema at Waterloo farm. They watched a documentary whilst enjoying some drinks around the campfire, tasting street food and toasting marshmallows on a campfire.

The documentary was about the wild terrain of the American West. The film showed four brave men who train and ride a string of wild horses 3,000 miles from Mexico to Canada. The epic adventure included spectacular landscapes, runaway horses, a sassy donkey, perilous mountain passes, sickness, injury and death.  The film also has won over 15 film awards including the audience award at the Banff Mountain Film Festival.

Secret Adventures farm

“Marshmallows plunged into roasting fires, a warm glow in our bellies, washed down with obligatory cocktails, stress and tension dissipating away. Laughter wafted over the open fires, couples came together, friends hooted with joy. In the time between the showing of ‘Unbranded’ and the spare time in between, there were no awkward silences, hugs and handshakes, jokes shared with strangers, a night where you didn’t need to go to a bar or dance at a club to have fun.”

Anna De Jesus

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Archery Fit 

If you want to get fit but in a fun way then Archery Fit is certainly a great way to go.

Archery Fit is an indoor archery club in London, Greenwich which you can learn archery but at the same time improve on your lats, triceps, quadriceps, traps, obliques, rhomboids, abs, glutes, calves and even your posture.

When a small group of us of Love Pop Ups London went along we got taught by Kristina one of their top instructors.  She was one of the first independent instructors to enter Archery Fit family, and there are several reasons why. A long standing barebow archer Kristina is 2 times winner of Archery Fit championships in Pro groups (men & women together). She is also a history fan working on her postgraduate dissertation “Revival of Archery Practice in the 18th Century Britain”, making her her the smartest person on archery history in the club.

The question is will you be the next Green Arrow, Daryl Dixon or even Robin Hood?

Archery Fit

“She taught us everything, from how to stand, where to aim, to the placement of our hand on our cheek, when we pull back our shooting arm.”


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WeFiFo provides a range of amazing supperclub’s across the UK to experience and enjoy.  WeFiFo is all about connecting home chefs, supper club hosts and event organisers with hungry people.

With WeFiFo you can either attend one of the many supperclubs and enjoy the amazing food cooked by the cook on the night or you can either host an event yourself.

Quite a number of us have experienced several different supperclub nights with WeFiFo over the year and this August it was Haydy’s turn.

WeFiFo Haydy

“Our first course was in the form of Mushrooms served on Brioche topped with Truffle, Cheese and Herbs. I’ve only just got into eating cooked mushrooms and this was a great way to try them not mixed into a sauce or on a full English breakfast! The flavours all worked so well and I’m thinking this could be something I could do for a posh breakfast every once in a while.”


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Plus also a big thank you to


FujiFilm has been around for 84 years and is known as the world’s largest photographic and imaging company in the World. They are innovated in medicine, highly functional materials, and many other high-tech areas but mostly best known for their cameras.

I tested their latest camera Fine Pix XP130 whilst hottugging it down the canals of Canary Wharf in London.

HotTug me FujiFilm

“To change to any shooting functions the easy menu button and menu system made it very easy. There are such new features as an Electronic Level feature that is particularly useful if you are trying to capture horizontal subjects such as a landscape, scenery or architecture.”

Joanne of Love Pop Ups London

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